Card Payments

Credit Card Verification Form

Below is a sample form for the pre-processing of credit card orders.

This page should be transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer over HTTPS to ensure the details are kept private between the client and server computers.

Once the details are submitted the first verification is a JavaScript validation to check that no duff characters are entered in the fields. The form data is then passed to a CGI script to check the details for accuracy (via the Modulo-10 algorithm) and this information is stored in a database on the host for batch submission to a bank or on-line clearing facility.

The following credit cards can be validated in this way: Visa; Master Card; Diners Club; Carte Blanche; American Express; Discover; JCB; enRoute.  We are still developing software to  verify Switch cards.

Would you like to pay by Credit Card? 
Yes No   

If you answered "Yes", please complete the following credit card payment form...

Cardholder's Name :e.g. Mr. John Smith
Credit Card Type:e.g. Visa or MasterCard etc.
Card Number :e.g. 12345612345612345
Card Expiration Date : e.g. MM/YY

Please note : This page is currently only available from AJIT.CO.UK hosts as the verification mechanism requires a CGI script interpreter.

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