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AJIT SMTP Services Sendmail Form

This form is for sending SMTP email directly from the NHSnet. Please complete this form as accurately as possible to prevent non-delivery. Items marked "*" must be completed to send email successfully. If you have any problems using this form please complete the IT Support Request form.

(Note For CHC Users : Once complete this message will be sent via the AJIT SMTP service; replies will arrive back via your normal Route400 X400 email system.)

Your real name:*
Your email address:*
To email address:*
Cc email address:
Subject matter:*
Delivery receiptRead receiptEncrypt messageSSL Secure delivery

Please note: By using this  service you agree to bide by the terms of the Facilities Agreement. The "Encrypt message" and "Secure delivery" options are not yet available. For non-contract users of this form; there are volume restriction in place to prevent abuse by junk mailers. If you would like to use email in volume from this server please contact the Postmaster.


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